Appreciation Awards - March 2015


Appreciation Awards, March 2015

Presented by Tom Walker

DM Hoyt

Hoyt has provided much behind-the-scenes support to the Damage Tolerance chapter of the Handbook over the years.  He has a detailed understanding of the organization of the chapter, and has helped many contributors identify the locations where their content are best placed.  Most recently, he has lead the effort to revise the Durability and Damage Growth Under Cyclic Loading section.  In doing so, he has leveraged his understanding of the technical topics and the chapter organization, as well as his relationships with industry experts, to develop clear content with the appropriate level of detail.  His efforts are greatly appreciated.

Steve Russell

Steve has taken the simple request for help in developing a brief introduction on residual strength analysis methods of composites and expanded it to include a revision to the entire section covering that subject.  This is a large undertaking, and his continued patience with the comments and reorganizations are much appreciated.

Waruna Seneviratne

Waruna’s effort in developing content related to the fatigue testing of composites, and particular as related to Load Enhancement Factors, has been outstanding.  This is a difficult technical topic that is evolving rapidly in industry, and he has managed to continue modifying the content appropriately.  Thank you, Waruna!