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Generic Basis Values Report
A report on IM7/8552 UT generic basis values by Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson is available for download. Please direct any comments or questions to Dr. Clarkson.

NCAMP reports and specifications are available for download by clicking here.

AGATE Material Qualification Methodology for epoxy-based prepreg composite material systems is available for download by clicking here.

Style Manual
The Style Manual is a brief description of writing and formatting guidelines for use by authors of handbook sections. Click here to down-load the manual (PDF format).

FAA Policy Related to CMH-17
Policy Memorandum, Material Qualification and Equivalency for Polymer Matrix Composite Material Systems


SUMMARY: This document announces an FAA proposed general statement of policy applicable to the type certification of normal, utility, acrobatic, and commuter category airplanes. This document advises the public, in particular manufacturers of normal, utility, acrobatic, and commuter category airplanes, of additional information related to material qualification and equivalency for polymer matrix composite material systems. This notice is necessary to advise the public of FAA policy and give all interested persons an opportunity to present their views on the policy statement.

Composite Material Test Data Schema

Version: 1.0, 1996-02-02
The Composite Material Test Data Schema has no official recognition from the CMH-17 Coordination Group.

The Composite Material Test Data Schema (CMTDS) is provided by the CMTDS Committee as a free service to the composites industry and to others interested in material property databases. The schema is formatted for compliance with MSC M/Vision software, but the basic concepts remain useful when applied to another database software package (and, indeed, this has been done). Each user is expected to evaluate the suitability of the schema for his/her own uses; the Committee makes no warranties that this schema is fit for any particular purpose. Created by the Database Schema Development Committee for Composites (DSDCC):

Rich Fields, Lockheed Martin E&M, Chair
(Tel) 407-356-5842
(Fax) 407-356-9228

Tom Kipp
, MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation, Secretary
(Tel) 714-444-5060
(Fax) 714-545-9434

The CMTDS is an industry-standard, ASTM/CMH-17 compliant, database schema for archival of composite material property test data and intended to provide maximum portability of data between database users in different organizations. In order to service a reasonably broad set of needs, the schema has grown beyond the size where it will be commonly used in its entirety. It has now become, as much as anything, an encyclopedia of accepted attributes for the complete characterization of composite materials. New M/Vision tools make this feasible since a database based on this schema can be loaded with the desired attribute types, and the unused attributes subsequently automatically removed. e desired attribute types, and the unused attributes subsequently automatically removed.

While additional work remains to be completed, this version is significant in that it represents a consensus of opinion among a diverse group of US aerospace composites experts on how to create a database for storing raw composite material test data. Comments on the schema are encouraged and should be directed to either the Chair or the Secretary as listed above.

Download Schema (MS Word Document)

Related Technical Documents

FAA's AAR-430 Reports
  • DOT/FAR/AR-00/48 The effect of loading Parameters on Fatigue of Composite Laminates: Part IV Information Systems (This a user's guide to the ACCESS code)
  • DOT/FAR/AR-01/7 Stress Analysis of In-Plane, Shear-Loaded, Adhesively Bonded Composite Joints and Assemblies
  • DOT/FAR/AR-01/8 Effects of Surface Preparation on Long-Term Durability of Composite Adhesive Bonds
  • The Effect of Loading Parameters on Fatigue of Composite Laminates: Part IV Information Systems. The FAA has published a report describing an ACCESS interactive information system developed by UCLA for durability and damage tolerance of composites. The report is DOT/FAA/AR-00/48.
  • Verification of the Combined Load Compression (CLC) Test Method DOT/FAA/AR-00/26. This report was written by long-time friend and contributer to CMH-17 , Don Oplinger. Ths link will download the PDF file from the FAA server (2.9 Mb).