February 2003

Joe Wells
Distinguished Service Award
February, 2003, Monterey California

This Distinguished Service Award goes to Dr. Joe Wells for his contributions leading to the development of the MMC Handbook and advancements in metal matrix composites (MMCs). Joe was the Materials and Processing Chair of the MMC Handbook from 1994 until his retirement in 2002. During that time he coordinated, authored and co-authored every section in the MMC Handbook on the development and manufacturing of MMCs. His guidance was key to the long term development of the MMC Handbook. Joe was a staunch supporter of MMCs. He had assumed a leading role in research and development of these materials for applications in Army vehicles and munitions. He was involved in the DoD reliance programs for MMCs for over ten years. Joe was also the DoD focal point for MMCs. In appreciation of his support and leadership in the area of MMCs and his contributions to Mil-Handbook 17, Dr. Joe Wells is hereby awarded the Distinguished Service Award.