Register today for the CMH-17 PMC Coordination Meeting!

Format: In person only (no virtual support)
    Dates: October 16-19th (Tours on Oct 20th)
    Venue: Wichita State University, located in Wichita, Kansas

Meeting Options*:
a)  $275 - Meetings only (Coordination, Forums, WG/TG Meetings)
b)  $275 – Meetings and Certification Tutorial (Tutorial is complimentary)
c)  $450 – Meetings and Bonding M&P Tutorial
d)  $450 – Meetings and Statistics Tutorial Only (Note: Software only is available for $475. Purchase: here)
e)  $875 – Meetings and Statistics Tutorial with CMH17 Stats Software
    *tutorial sessions will overlap so only one may be selected.

Other Activities :
  - Social Hour Complimentary but registration required.
  - Tours Complimentary but registration required.

Hotel :
  - A room block has been reserved at the Hyatt Place at Wichita State. Use the following link to access the reservation. Reservation Link for Hyatt Place
  - Several other hotels have discounted rates in place as well. You can find more options on the Visit NIAR page

Preliminary Coordination and WG Meeting Schedule (Updated 9/28) :
(schedule will be amended when updates are available)

Central Time Monday (Tutorial Day) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Room # and
319 310 313 264 Main Level 3 310 319 313 310 319 313 N/A
McKay (45) Gridley (80) Prairie (40) Spencer (60) Beggs Ballroom Gridley (80) McKay (45) Prairie (40) Gridley (80) McKay (45) Prairie (40)
  Continental Breakfast Available (7:15)  
8:00 - 10:00 Bonding M&P Certification Statistics DT
(YP review)
Open Coordination Design Statistics (Available) Supportability Guidelines (Available) Tours of NIAR facilities on WSU Campus
  Break (10:00 - 10:15)
10:15-12:15 Bonding M&P Certification Statistics DT
(YP review)
(WG/TG overview & Future of CMH-17)
Sandwich Data Review Bonding Proc. TG Supportability M&P SAE Composite Seat Meeting
12:15-1:15 Lunch Provided END
1:15-3:15 Bonding M&P Certification Statistics DT
(YP review)
Sandwich DT CWG
(YP2 negatives)
Closing Coordination
(Beggs Ballroom)
  Break (3:15 - 3:30)
3:30-5:30 (Available) (Available) (Available) DT
(YP review)
Safety Management Spacecraft CWG
(Future Plans at End)
Exec Meeting
          Social Hour @
Hoover Terrace
(5:30 - 7 pm)