Design and Analysis Working Group


Vision Statement
To be an authoritative source for design, analysis, and verification information for the validation and certification of CMC engineered structures.



  • To provide information on design and analysis certification methods and options, the level of substantiation information required, and formats required in validation and certification processes.
  • To specify material property and performance input and validation data needed for design and analysis of CMC components
  • To identify test parameters to produce those data, and identify analysis considerations in interpreting such data, and to ensure compatibility with design needs
  • To identify approach options for the design and analysis of CMC structures and joints
  • To ensure future relevancy of the handbook by maintaining an up to date survey of the current state of the art capabilities within the design, analysis and lifing communities for CMCs

NOTE: This Working Group is currently limited to US Citizens only.


Dr. David Thomas
Rolls-Royce Corporation
Indianapolis , IN
Tel: 317-230-6441

Mr. Mark Noe
Tel: 513-256-7965