March 2015


Distinguished Award - March 2015

Larry Ilcewicz, presented by Tom Walker

Larry Ilcewicz, over an extended period of time, has exemplified commitment to CMH-17.  His involvement began in the mid 1980’s with a write-up on stacking-sequence effects in composites.  While he has contributed little additional content, he has provided leadership since becoming Co-chairman of the Handbook in 1998.  He has also successfully advocated for continued FAA support for the Handbook through times of significant budget contraction.  He has leveraged his strengths in solving multi-disciplinary problems to successfully guide the organization’s efforts to address challenging strategic objectives, including shared material databases, and composites certification and safety issues.  Larry’s vision and unwavering commitment to the continued practical, safe use of composites in aircraft structures will continue to ensure that the Handbook is relevant to a rapidly evolving industry.