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In addition to the web pages you are looking at now, there is a Member's website that allows participants to communicate via bulletin boards, download drafts and other documents, and make comments on proposed sections. A member is defined as anyone who has attended a coordination meeting in the past 24 months. Members should have received information on how to log onto the members area via e-mail. If you should have access, but did not receive a password, it may be because the Secretariat does not have a current e-mail address.

As you become more familiar with the Handbook, please consider becoming actively involved in its development by attending Coordination Group meetings on a regular basis. The broader the range of participants, the better and more useful the handbook will become. There are currently no membership dues, or fees, and no requirements for becoming a participating member of any Working Group. Your contribution could help to produce a Handbook that is a valuable resource for the entire composites community.

Suggestions for Getting Involved with a Working Group
  • Working Group meetings are open to anyone attending a CMH-17 meeting
  • Some Data Review sessions restricted to U.S. citizens only - you must provide a DD2245 form
  • Attend a meeting to see what the group is currently working on
  • Contact WG chairmen directly
  • Use this site for names and contact information

Meeting proceedings include a master table-of-contents that shows the WG responsibilities for sections in the handbook.